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Plugin version: v1.55, with maxiGos v6.67.


This plugin called "maxiGos sgf player content plugin" displays game of go sgf file content using maxiGos sgf player in a wordpress page.

Usage (code to add in your articles):
Insert in a wordpress page a string like [gos]xxx.sgf[/gos], [gos cfg="yyy"]xxx.sgf[/gos], [gos]ccc[/gos] or [gos cfg="yyy"]ccc[/gos] where:

  • "xxx.sgf" is a sgf file stored in the maxigos sgf folder (see option section below).
  • "yyy" is the name of a maxigos configuration. It can be the name of any existing maxigos configuration file (without the ".cfg" extension). These files are those stored in the maxigos configuration folder (see option section below).
  • "ccc" is any text that represents a sgf record (sample: "(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]SZ[19]PW[A]PB[B]WR[6d]BR[6d];B[qd];W[dp])").

If the value of the "maxiGos config folder" parameter is the default one (i.e. "../_sample/neo-classic/_cfg" for the current version of the plugin), possible configuration values are: basic, comment, diagram, game, problem, tree. Otherwise, it can be the name (without the ".cfg" extension) of any configuration file stored in the folder specified by the "maxigos config folder" parameter.

To use [gos]ccc[/gos] ou [gos cfg="yyy"]ccc[/gos] where ccc is a text that represents a sgf record, you must set "maxigos_sgf_as_is" to 1 (see option section below), the page must be in UTF-8 and ccc must be a sgf record in UTF-8.


The procedure below was tested using wordpress 3.5.1.

  • Click here to download the plugin version 1.55, with maxiGos version 6.67
  • Open the wordpress admin page of your website.
  • Select "Plugins" from the left menu. The "Plugins" page displays.
  • Click on "Add New" button. The "Install Plugins" page displays.
  • Click on "Upload".
  • Click on "Select a file" button, look for the plugin archive, then click on "Install Now".
  • Click on "Activate Plugin".
  • Create a sub-folder called "wp-sgf" in your "wordpress" folder, then put your sgf files into it.

Now, in theory, you are ready to use the plugin.


Some options can be set (to change them, open wordpress admin page of your web site, click on "Settings" in the left menu, then on "MaxiGos", then modify what you want). Option list is:

  • maxigosTag (default value: "gos"): can be any alphanumeric string. Change this value if "gos" is already used by another plugin.
  • maxigos_sgf_folder (default value: "../../../../../wp-sgf"): path from maxigos sgfplayer.php script to the folder where sgf files are stored. In fact, sgf files can be stored anywhere. Just change this option value if you don't want to store your sgf files in the "wp-sgf" folder.
  • maxigos_folder (default value: "wp-content/plugins/maxigos_wp_plugin"): path from the wordpress root folder to the folder where maxigos plugin is stored. In theory, you have no need to change it.
  • maxigos_config (default value: ""): maxigos default configuration used when "yyy" is omitted. If this parameter is an empty string, the maxigos "basic" configuration is used.
  • maxigos_config_folder (default value: "../_sample/neo-classic/_cfg"): path from maxigos "sgfplayer.php" script to the folder where configuration files are stored. Change this value if you want to create your own configuration files since in this case, it is better to store them in a folder which is not in the maxigos plugin folder in order to be able to upgrade more easily the plugin.
  • maxigos_language (default value: "fr"): language used by maxigos, actually "fr" as french, or "en" as english.
  • maxigos_sgf_max_length (default value : "32767"): maximum length of [gos][/gos] tags content if it is a sgf record. This value can be as high as you want in theory.
  • maxigos_sgf_as_is (default value : "0"): if 1, both sgf record and sgf filename are allowed as [gos][/gos] tag content. If 0, only sgf filename is allowed as [gos][/gos] tag content.